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The following is the last conversation of Proff. Collin Christensen, from the Antioch University of Seattle. He had the following conversation with a student, and the student described him as “acting strange”. Proff. Christensen did not show up for work the following day, and no one knows of his whereabouts.

“At first it seemed like our biggest threat was ourselves. War was brewing, and terrorism seemed to be a daily occurrence on the news. Famine and poverty was briefly touched between the latest war stories.
But somehow, I knew that something was… off . As if, all these horrible things were a part of a greater plan to throw our world into chaos. And once we were too busy fighting ourselves, then something would happen. Something we could never have imagined. Something otherworldly.
I just don’t know what. I have no proof, no governmental contacts that support me. I know for a fact that i’m not crazy. My theories have been called far-fetched and downright impossible. But I know they are not. I might not have close friends, but I have allies. I have the Institute and I have…

The Project"

The Project

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